Malu Endless® (Reusable 35mm Film Camera)

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Color: Blanco

Goodbye Disposable, Hello Reusable

Upgrade Your Feed with Malu - A Reusable (Disposable Style) Film Camera. 

Whether you’re chasing wanderlust on a European-Summer or spending a lazy weekend with friends - wherever life takes you, the Malu Camera lets you live those endless summer nights, again and again, and again.

Perks include:
  • Ships from our Auckland warehouse (not overseas).
  • Disposable Style Photos (without disposing the camera)
  • 90’s Aesthetic Images, Every time
  • Built-in Flash - for every setting
  • Beginner friendly - no fancy settings needed, just point and shoot
  • Made for Instagram & your wall

Capture the good times, with a 90’s aesthetic that can’t be achieved in editing apps.

Still editing your photos?

Nothing beats the warm 90's aesthetic, that only Malu can offer. No editing required.

Malu Endless® has been designed so you can save your favourite memories on film, and take more again, and again, and again.

The Malu Effect

No More Editing Apps... Only Memories




Finished Shooting?

Choose Digital Copies, or Physical Ones

Upgrade your feed aesthetic, or keep for your phone with digital copies, or develop your into physical prints easily with Malu.

Made for travel, beach days, lazy weekends and everything in between, Malu is there to capture your memories of a lifetime.

Even my boyfriend takes nice pics with it 🖤

- Mia T

Long, silent editing sessions are dead thanks to my Malu

- Olivia S

Filters who? That first shot hits different!

- Sofia A

Goodbye Disposable, Hello Reusable

Ending the Landfill Crisis

Each year, approximately 45 million cameras find their way into landfills. Disposable film cameras account for a considerable share of this waste.

We’ve designed Malu Endless® to be reusable forever, and ever. So you can capture all your special moments without any guilt about adding to the landfill crisis.

Your memories are precious, cherish them sustainably with Malu.

Simply Load, Wind & Shoot

Made For Everyone. Guys, Girls, Teens, Adults.

Malu is beginner friendly, simply load your film, click, and shoot. Capture the good times as they happen, no need for filters or editing apps.

All it takes is 60 seconds to get set up, watch our how to guide on getting ready to shoot below.

How to Setup Your Camera

Frequently Asked Questions

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